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Miguel Campero Cuena Wins His Class At The Carrera Panamericana

Congratulations to our customer Miguel Campero Cuena for this win at the La Carrrera Panamericana earlier this month. Miguel won the 7 day 2000 mile race in the 356 class with a 2L built at Fat Performance. The classic road rally runs on the open roads of Mexico from Tuxtla near the Guatemala border to Juarez near El Paso, TX. Exactly what makes “The Mexican Road Race” so HARD? It’s a combination of things. The tour begins in a tropical climate, where the temperature is high and wet and extends along a road that goes from sea level to a height of 9800 feet. Temperature variations range from 95 degrees up to only a few degrees above freezing. Quite an accomplishment just to finish let alone win!

Tjelmeland’s Vintage Formula Super Vee

Here’s a beautiful vintage Formula Super Vee owned and driven by veteran race car driven Vincent Tjelmeland, owner of Sabina Precision Preparation. This picture is taken at the 2013 March at Coronado. Fat Performance prepared the cylinder head.

La Carrera Panamericana 2012

La Carrera Panamericana is a 7 day 2000 mile vintage car race from Veracruz to Zacatecas, Mexico. Fat congratulates Jose Luis Arizmendi of Farben Motors in Mexico City for prepping these two beautiful cars that won 1st and 2nd place in the Sport Minor Class. Of course they have Fat engines!

Congratulations to Jose Juan Gutierrez for his 1st place win!

Congratulations to Miguel Campero for his 2nd place win!


Here’s a great little video narrated by our own Ron Fleming. It goes into the history of the Cal-Look Bug made famous by Greg, Ron and their car club buddies from the 60s. Kudos to Stephen Brooks, the producer.

Tony Chilton Set to Win 2011 Formula Continental Championship

Tony Chilton runs his 1975 Lola t324 Formula Super Vee in the Northwest Hillclimb Association Series. He has won the Formula Continental Championship three years in a row and is set to win again with his FAT Type IV. Tony has one more race of the season and FAT wishes him luck.