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    FAT, a long-time leader in the development of the Type IV VW Engine offers a number of different engine combinations for various applications.  Some examples include the 2000cc class engine, our 2650cc kit car engine, 3000cc unlimited engine and our E-Production 914 road racing engine.  These FAT Type IV engines are popular for vintage venues like Carrera Panamericana, old Formula Super Vee and 914 Porsche club events.  All are based on quality components, many of them FAT developed, such as out 5th stud cylinder and head modifications.  To ensure reliability under severe conditions many Fat engine combinations use our 911 fan conversion, a strong factor in our engine’s ability to develop high horsepower and torque while maintaining good oil and head temperature.

    FAT also specializes in stock Type IV that are popular in street cars, such as vintage 914s, kit cars, VW buses and campers.  Most often these stock engine projects end up with some mild performance modifications.  These engines are built with the same attention to detail that we give to our race engines providing improved performance and extended life.  Our goal is to build engines for each customer’s application.