FAT has a 40 year history of rebuilding and servicing Porsche air-cooled engines. Our background in the performance industry and with Porsche lends itself towards making upgrades in displacement and output. In years past, the Porsche 911 was the engine of choice in the unlimited off-road class and FAT developed a dominant package with the 911 3.2, 3.5, and 3.6 liter engines. Our vast knowledge of the 911 can help us service or build your Porsche engine for track or street use.

FAT’s experience with the Porsche 4-cylinder air-cooled engines includes restoring 356-912 engines for customers and restoration shops. It is clear that restoration of these old Porsche engines is a challenge, due to the lack of availability of new and core parts. After 40 years in the VW-Porsche business, we have the connections to find all those hard to get pieces.  But, don’t forget the FAT Type IV makes a very good transplant engine for old Porsches.