FAT Performance has been a leader in the development of water-cooled production engines into competitive and reliable power plants. We have had a strong relationship with Toyota Motorsports and TRD in regards to their “Grass roots” racing programs. The Toyota engines we have developed are: 4AG, 4AF, 2RZ, 3RZ 4-cylinders, 3VZ, 1MZFE V-6 and the Lexus V-8. In the 80’s FAT dominated the Super 1600 class in the Mickey Thompson Stadium Series first with the VW Rabbit and then the Toyota 4AG. More recently we have focused on Honda engines for off-road racing and the Toyota Tacoma 2&3RZ for short course Pro Lite trucks. Over the years, FAT has built Ford & Chevy V-6s & V-8s using production and race engine platforms. Our most recent accomplishment is our 5.1 liter SVO V-6 Ford engine. In 2010 our customer Dave Caspino won the Best in the Desert Class 7200 championship and The SCORE Class 6 championship (winning every race in 2010) with his FAT 5.1 liter Ford SVO V-6.